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What do we do?

As your Owner Representative, we look out for the Owner’s best interest.

Our Role

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will guide you through the complicated construction process, and give you the consistency of a reliable partner from start to finish. This will give you an independent and objective point of view to ensure you’re getting what you paid for on a timely basis to the standards you selected.

In a construction project, the probability of going over budget and schedule is very high. General Contractors and Buildrs can offer attractive but potentially unrealistic proposals to try and win a project.. As your Owner Representative BHHS can help mitigate these potential issues before they arise and help owners achieve their goals for the project within the desired budget and schedule.

Engaging an owner representative is particularly important if the owner does not have the internal expertise to manage the project and perform the necessary review and oversight. Investing the money on an owner’s representative often has a positive overall effect on the project schedule, cost and quality.

Areas We Serve

Palm Beach County, FL

Company Email

[email protected]

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+1 561-328-4050

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